Van Gogh Alive

Van Gogh Alive is an immersive multimedia experience created by Grande Experiences. Last Bullet Productions have taken the experience to Hong Kong, Munich, Vienna, Hamburg and now Mallorca.

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A multi-language wordpress site was required to promote the exhibition and enable online ticket sales. Design support across the exhibition was also needed, including exhibition graphics, merchandise, design and management for social media, video editing and more.


A responsive wordpress site was originally designed and developed in both English and Chinese, and later in German and Spanish. Working closely with IguanaIT, a ticketing site was created to allow the client to sell tickets directly to the public. Merchandise including notebooks, tote bags, t-shirts, pencils and posters have also been produced and design assets including images and videos have been created for social media. Now onto their fifth show, Mallorca opens in June 2022.

Wordpress Website Design & Build, Merchandise, Project Management